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  • frustration
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  • system abends
  • disk head-crashes
  • general malfeasance
  • floods
  • fires
  • shark attack
  • nerve gas
  • locust infestation
  • cyclones
  • hurricanes
  • tsunamis
  • local electromagnetic disruptions
  • hydraulic brake system failure
  • invasion
  • hashing collisions
  • normal wear and tear of friction surfaces
  • comic radiation
  • inadvertent destruction of sensitive electronic components
  • windstorms
  • the Riders of Nazgul
  • the Spanish Inquisition 
  • infuriated chickens
  • malfunctioning mechanical or electrical sexual devices
  • premature activation of the distant early warning system
  • peasant uprisings
  • halitosis
  • artillery bombardment
  • explosions
  • cave-ins
  • lost of data
  • lost of operating system
  • frogs falling from the sky