About me

My name is Andy and I have been a gamer from the time when I can remember; since my father and mother got me a Commodore 64 and played hangman on it with me; we also had an Atari 2600 with Pong (we had the paddles) and Pac-Man.

From there I moved on to Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Duck hunt (That dog still haunts my nightmares) and Mario Bros to the Sega Mega Drive II with Alex the Kid in built in to the unit.

While my console gaming was growing I also had a Computer; Commodore Amiga 500 where I found a love of coding in basic and Frontier Elite 2, I use to try and do the games out the back of magazines where you would spend 5 hours typing in 10 pages of code to find out that you missed something out on line 5000 and would spend the next 2 hours trying to figure out what it was; only ever got it to work once but it was an ace feeling when it loaded.

A teacher in high school took pity on me as I was the nervous geek type (Bully bait) and allowed me to spend break time hiding out in the science room with some BBC Microcomputers and a big stack of programming magazines and my love of computers and technologies has just kept growing since then.

I have always believed that you should do something you love;  if you’re not enjoying the thing you spend 5 days a week doing then do something else and this is how I have lived most of my life the rest of the time I spend doing what my girlfriend tells me to do.

I mostly play First Person Shooters (FPS) on console and PC but I like all the game types to be honest it’s all about the story; if it’s compelling and interesting then I will micro manage 500 men on a battlefield or clean a full level of NPC that the CO-OP AI should of helped you with but they were too busy standing in a door way using all your health packs.

I have a girlfriend called Kerry and a Black Labrador called Beth whose purpose in life at is to take time away from my gaming but I would not change them both for the world.

I have always wanted to write a blog / review site; I think I play enough games to have some useful insights but the nervous geek in me is always worried I would run out of things to say; so I am going to take things naturally and post when I can and hopefully you guys we find something useful from it all.

I am just going to chuck things at the blog and see what sticks!