Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Installing Stream on Linux (Ubuntu)

Been brushing up on Linux for a while now,  by that I mean I have been pushing it to the limit of my knowledge and painting my self in to a corner and having to reinstall.

Lucky only had to do this once and it was because I had ignored the warning of the people that had gone before.

But now I am left with a laptop that is running very well on Ubuntu 64bit (until the next time that I choose to ignore the warning signs) and has a good enough graphics card to play some games on.

As I am using Ubuntu, I hit it's GUI software installer and looked for Steam;  was a little surprised when it had the buy option and not just the install button; seeing as Steam is free and all.

Not in the mood to sign up to another software market just to get a free item, I turned to Bash and a CLI install.

Sudo apt-get install steam

And 10 minutes later Steam is installed and downloading it's updates.  Once it's finished it restarts and errors with "Missing libGL.so.1".  Doing a little research and it appears this is a common issue with Steam and 64bit Ubuntu.

The fixes on the forums all seem to agree that doing a symbolic link is the way to go but it did not sit right as even thou I love symbolic link they can very quickly become messy if not managed by the system or the user.

But I did see a single comment with a different method for fixing.  Which was:

Make or open
Sudo gedit /etc/ld.so.conf.d/steam.conf

Add next two lines to file:

Then save and execute:
sudo ldconfig

Once done Steam should then start and you are ready to install any games you own on Linux.

I am surprised by the number of games Steam offers for Linux and if it was not for the one or two still locked to one platform; I would of removed windows fully from my home life.

Hopefully in time this will change and I can say good buy to Windows from my home.