Friday, 22 August 2014

Eve Online taken down by DDOS

Eve Online has been taken offline this morning due to a DDOS attack which has lasted around 13 hours so far.

The last update by CCP on their twitter account for eve status is that it is back on-line.

I have always had an on and off relationship with Eve, its a game I want to play but I can never get in the right grove.  Tried PVP, mining and mission running but I never been able to find something that clicked.

So with me being off this week from work I decided to give it another go but this time start a fresh; and so I deleted everything; all the baggage I manage to collect from 10 something years of playing on and off and set off into the new world with gay abundance and nothing to my name but a starting ship and a new identity, also I have started using words like gay abundance which I am not sure how long that will last.

It was hard to delete it all as there was a lot of stuff and ships that I had collected over the years but if i am going to find my way in this sandbox then I needed to change something.

So this DDOS is more annoying as I am now all Eve focused and got time on my hands to put a good starting push in to the game and I am left looking at a login screen that can not connect.

A while back I did come across a map of DDOS attacks from the Norse Corporation which shows you DDOS attacks happening on a live map.  its oddly fun to watch.

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