Monday, 17 March 2014

Hearthstone: A house of cards or a solid foundations

I have never been one for card games, I am a bad poker player and my attention span can just about manage a round of solitaire.  

Also a card game on PC just strikes me as wrong on some level, so when I saw Hearthstone by Blizzard, a card game played on the PC set in the Warcraft universe, I just hung my head and moved past it.

But Monsoon started playing as it was free and you get a mount in World of Warcraft if you win so many matches, But she does appear to be enjoying it and after a few days of listening to how much so, I finally related and installed it.

My first impressions are positive, as I am still playing the practise rounds to unlock all the decks; I have yet still to play against an actual person but the game plays out in a 1v1 turn based style were each person lays a given number of cards based on resource points which grow by one each round.

I was surprised how easy it was to pick up and play and after doing the starting rounds I had a good feel for the system and was ready to start unlocking the rest of the decks. With the customization of the decks and the ability destroy cards you do not wish and rebuild them in to something else, theirs a depth to the game that will keep me playing for a while.

At the moment the game has around 382 cards but Blizzard are planing to add more with expansion packs at a later date.

The game is fun and does not take its self too seriously and its worth installing and giving it a go even if you have never played a battle card game before.

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