Monday, 3 March 2014

Batman Rumours ahoy

The news / rumour on the internet is that the new Batman game could be announced as early as this week, with VG24/7 reporting that GameStop stores will be hanging a Batman banner today.

With a press-junket that been blocked until March, it adds more fuel to that fire that Rocksteady are getting ready to announce something.

T1 reported yesterday the Hush Facebook page has been updated with an image of Hush with a reference to his appearance in the last game as a side plot and that things are going to get more interesting this month.

This may hint at him making a return in the new game as the main villain or as another side plot.

We will need to see what happens this week to see if the rumours are true and if it is; will the actual game get released in October like its predecessors 

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