Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Batman Arkham Knight available for pre order

Yesterday I talked about 2 of the rumours around the new the Batman Game and today it appears that one of them at least was right with the UK Game Store listing a new game called Batman: Arkham Knight available on the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC.

Unfortunately it appears that the link is not working at the moment.

But it lists the game as the final in the Arkham series where you can take to the roof tops and the streets using the Batmobile.

It appears to follow on from the storyline from Arkham City and see the Scarecrow making his return as he unites some of Gotham's most feared villains but no word on how Hush is involved or even if he is in the game at all.

With each Batman game Rocksteady has increased the size and scope of it and it appears this one will be no different; we will be exploring an entirely new area of the city with wider streets allowing for the Batmobile and the map will be far larger than its predecessor.

**Updated post as I just found the trailer as well**

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