Friday, 28 February 2014

Titanfall will not be 1080 on Xbox One, But PC is still good

Titanfall is due out in less then two weeks and Vince Zampella of Respawn confirms that the Xbox One version will not support 1080p with his twitter account.

I have never really been that bothered with 1080p sure the game looks nice but it has to stand on its game play more and its story then just if it looks nice.

Which is why I have been keeping a low profile with Titanfall as a game involving huge mech figthing robots is something that interests me greatly and I do not wish to be disappointed by it.

I do not wish the fantasy to come crashing down and my love of huge mech's to every be disrupted.

And this is why I have kept away from the beta but the people that have played it, have had nothing but good to say about it and this is now starting to get my interest more and rise my hopes.

Need to get Thief out of the way this weekend and then I may need to give this more attention.

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