Friday, 28 February 2014

I'm Alive... I swear

So its been a while since my last post,  no really its been frelling ages since my last post but it was odd at first it was like I will update tomorrow, then the next day, then the next and then it got embarrassing.

Like all things embarrassing I quickly came up with tons of other stuff to do that did not involve updating my blog or looking at my self in mirrors or even acting like the internet was still a thing.

But I kept reading my friends blog and feeling the itch to return to post random stuff in to the world of the Internet.

A lot has happened since the last personal update, Monsoons college course is doing well and she has her interview for university soon so fingers crossed for that.  I can now bake bread and cake it seems and so far I have not had any major disasters...  Well there was that bread that came out like a brick and the cheesecake that had the grand canyon running through it but the cheesecake still tasted nice and the bread pulled the bin men's back out when he lifted it so everything worked out in the end.

I had a nice trip to the hospital as I had an pain in my stomach and the ambulance equipment said my heart was acting funky, now you must understand I did not call for an ambulance, I called the NHS hotline to see what pain killers would take the pain away quickly and it was them that called them in and started a nice chain of events that ended up with me being shirtless in a room full of women which ironically is how most of of my dreams start but the ending is very different.

After a lot of tests which again involved me in room full of women shirtless and me having my chest covered in a warm sticky gel; which is again how... never mind.

It turns out I have high blood pressure and gallstones; which is amazing if you think about my lifestyle, I work in IT, spend most of my time sitting, and I eat processed food, so have no idea how this has happened.

On a side note I am not sure if sarcasm transmits over the internet in text form well.

I am now also finding that I have a lot more time on my hands hands then I did previously, since Monsoon left her job at the company I work for I found myself having to catch the bus there and back each day which meant that my weekdays were spent just working  travelling to and from the office with very little time left for sleep and play.

But they have now opened an office in my city for sales guys to use and I have been allowed to work here 3 days a week which is great and gives me more time for gaming, playing with Bad Dog, and spending time with Monsoon.


  1. A great blog, as always mate :) thought about doing videos at all? We could do a collaboration!

  2. I have, but really havent come up with a subject yet, the twitch feed needs changing so that I am actually in it but need to get the stream settings right and also be able to monitor the chat.

    1. I had an idea yesterday for a brilliant video but I do need a second person to be filmed in it...

    2. Sound interesting, but if it involves me wearing female clothing then am out