Saturday, 12 October 2013

Steam Powered Controller

When Valve showed off the new controller they had designed my first thought was 'Dear gods WTF have they done'.  it looks so different from the norm.

I was expecting something that looked like an Xbox controller or even a Playstation 3 or some bastardised mix of both.

But what we ended up with does not seem to make sense.  the buttons seem like they are in the wrong place and would be difficult to use,  even the trigger buttons are off.

Now being a fan of all things techy means that even though I am not breaking down the door to get my hands on this, I was still going to get one to go with my big screen TV and see how it actually plays as looks can be deceiving, I mean look at me, I look like an overweight gamer when in fact err well anyways you can not always tell a book by its cover in some cases...

But then Valve yesterday released a gameplay demo of the controller which has now made me sit up and take more notice of this little beast and has peaked my interest more.

The Youtube clip shows someone playing a first person shooter and a strategy game both running in 'legacy mode' which means that the controller is actually outputting keyboard and mouse commands which is very cool indeed and normally would need something like Xpadder to do, So Valve have reinvented the wheel so to speak but with the added extras should allow for a greater range of commands to be programed and used from the controller itself without the need for 3rd party applications and though all this was mentioned in the revealing until you actually see it in action its hard to imagine how it would actually playout.

And now that I have seen someone use it, it seems to make more sense, more demos of the controller are planned by the sound of it, hopefully Eve Online will be shown as I would not mind seeing it in action.

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