Monday, 30 September 2013

We shall never speak of this again, unless we are drunk

Its been awhile since I have last killed an Amarr but I got the itch last night and logged in to Teamspeak, fleeted up and jumped in to my Rifter.

It was a slow start to the evening as they was not many war targets and the one I did find was a kitey Condor which picked my ship apart while I sat there watching, I tried to overheat my afterburner but he had me fast and I could not outrun him, in the end he got me and another corporation member which I feel bad for as if I was more experienced I would've known that my close range ship would not fare well with the range of the Condor but lesson learnt and it only cost me a Rifter.

So a refit later and I was back in space, hiding in our POS looking for someone more my size when someone noticed a criminal undocking and suggested we help him leave our system, so we regrouped and headed to the station and sure enough they was a criminally flagged pilot just getting ready to leave, he played the docking and undocking game for awhile and then undocked with few of his friends, 5 in total or 4 not 100% sure but they was 3 flagged and 1 or 2 not engageable.

And then things got tense real quick, we locked them and they locked us, we sat there looking at each other waiting to see what the other side was going to do,  then the fleet commander came on comms 'Wait a moment, they're flagged as criminals why are we not shooting, open fire!"

Needles to say we cut their hulls apart but missed their pods and it was agreed that the next time we engage criminals we should dispense with the tense moment and cut straight to the weapon firing part. 


  1. There, their, they're... Please, learn the difference.

    1. Ok do not remember taking the Mysterious Stranger perk but I will give the post another go, as I am using the blog to better my Spelling and Grammar,

      changes the post with my basic understanding of the meanings
      am i now using there and their

  2. "we locked them and there locked us" - they
    "cut there hulls apart but missed there pods" - their in both cases.

    1. Fixed, its so easy at times to fall back into bad habits especially when it comes to grammar