Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Valve make an OS called SteamOS

Valve have finally done it,  there have made a pure gaming operating system called 'SteamOS',  based off Linux and free for anyone to download, it should install on any half decent computer with a HDMI output, so you can connect the system straight up to any modern TV.

And with a controller play all your games on your sofa like any console.  As this is a Linux OS though there will be some drawbacks of course.  The first bring any game not built for Linux will not run,  but Steam have added the ability to stream the game from your windows computer to your TV using the SteamOS.

This sounds awesome but how well will it actually play under a normal home network and at what resolution are we talking about 720 or 1080 and how does it fare on a wireless network?

We will find out more at a later date it appears but if the OS is able to stream 1080p games across a wireless network with little to no latency then I have found my new console.

There are still some things Valve have to clear up, like how many games can there actually bring to the new OS natively. As if you have to steam them all from your gaming rig then it only fills a small niche market and is more of a set top box then a console in its own right but I am going to be keeping an eye on this one as it sounds like a winner, it also talks about connecting to the popular media services as well, so that could mean Netflix and such so it could be a whole set top box replacer.

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