Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Tony Tamasi of Nvidia talks about how PC gaming is not getting left behind.

Tony Tamasi the senior vice president of content and technology of nVidia talks to Bennett Ring about PC gaming and how consoles will find it harder to compete with PC in gaming over at PC Power Play.

From reading the byline I thought this was going to be an attack on ATI as its ATI supplying the GPU for the next gen consoles but thankfully it makes for an excellent look at PC Gaming vs Console gaming when it comes to GPU power in general.

In short Tony explains that consoles are designed to run off about 200 - 300 watts as there are designed for the living room and have to keep lower temperatures and use quieter fans and due to this there have constraint on the hardware,  whereas a PC can pull upwards of 1000 watts to dedicate to gaming.

Based just on raw power both can commit, PC will always be the clear winner but its also due to the level of money that nVidia and ATI put into researching GPU for PC.

Now it is good to see PC companies fighting back as every time a new console came out the first thing it does is announce the death of PC gaming and explains how everyone will have this console in their living room.

I have not seen this at all with the Xbox one or the Playstation 4, but that could be that I am missing the advert but so far both units seem to be fighting among themselves while PC's are just sat looking longingly awaiting GTA V to arrive in full HD modding glory.

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