Friday, 13 September 2013

Monsoon quits and I ride the bus now!

A lot has been happening since I have been MIA, games have been played and pizza has been eaten. one of the biggest events that have happened so far is that Monsoon has left her job to pursue a life in nursing.

Which means I am now on the bus getting to and from work as we used to work together, which is OK most days as people at work are understanding enough and helpful enough that I actual get home for around the same time.

But there are some days where I have to get bus all the way to the town where I work with a 30 minute walk, no real hardship and its good exercise which as a gamer I am always in need of!

Found out that Stagecoach offer a smart-card called the 'Humber Megarider Xtra' which allows travel around and to Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Immingham, Barton, Scunthorpe and Hull which is really handy for me.

She had her college induction yesterday for her 'Access to Higher Education Diploma' where she got to meet everyone and find out the real details of the course. It's going to take hard work and studying to get it done which means less gaming time on her part (*evil laugh*) but no change in my gaming time really, 
though I fully expect we will have to rebalance the caring of Bad Dog and cleaning of the house as at the moment I am enjoying having a housewife, it's like I am living in the 1940s just need a pipe slippers and I am all set.

I am proud of Monsoon for taking this step as it's not an easy one to make, to change the direction of your life but if your not happy with something change it as you only live once and it may as well be enjoyable.

I am also looking forward to seeing her in a nurse outfit!


  1. Respect to Monsoon. Takes bravery to step out of your comfort zone and try to do what you love.