Thursday, 19 September 2013

Internet Down, Baiban unplugged

Last night was a non starter for me as everything I had planned to done involved me going online but Karoo my ISP had other ideas.

After waiting on hold for what seemed like an ice age, finally got to speak to tech support.  Now being in phone tech support myself I always try to not let my frustrations out on the guy on the phone unless it them that frustrates me then it's open season.

Lucky I got a good one and we had a chat about what was going on.  Bad news is there was an issue at the exchange effecting the card I am on so no simple setting change to get my online life back in gear.  I was in Karoo hands and all I could do was look on and hope.

Spoke some more about what seemed like a related issues and asked about an ETA on the actual fix and got the stranded engineer response.  The stranded response goes something like like this "I can not really give an ETA, we have engineers looking at it as a priority and we will get it repaired as quickly as possible".

I explained that I work in IT support and I understand what an engineers ETA really means and I would not be ringing up 1 miller second after the ETA ends to complain that my internet was still down.

We had a laugh and told each other some jokes and he confirmed that they simple do not know as it's a card issue, it could an hour to the next day.

Balls,  needed an early night anyway I suppose and Bad Dog was happy for some extra attention.

Good news was internet was back up this morning so tonight will be spent catching up on what I missed.

It is interesting how much the internet has become such a part of my life,  taken away my world seems to grow smaller.  All the knowledge of the world removed from my fingertips.

We augment our selfs with external memory and can communicate with people anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world.  We can learn about and embrace new cultures and ideas without moving an inch.  And when we lose this connection to world it can leave you with a sense of "well what do I do now"

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  1. Baiban - if you ever fancy doing a guest post on my blog I'd love to host one :)