Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Good Doctrines beats Good Skill?

Been reading Greedy Goblins Blog entitled 'Bad players have skill, good players have doctrines' and it makes for a interesting read.

It touches on the subject of ISK Efficiency, which tells you how much you have lost versus how much you have killed using ISK as the decider.  now as a new player ISK Efficiency is great way to compare your self against everyone else as when it comes to Skill Points you will never really win,  as I started playing a few months again Skill Point wise I will always be at a lost with older players, its just the nature of the beast.

But if I focus my training with one goal in mind and fly the lowest costing ship and pick my battles I can actually hold my own in PvP and be useful...  that's what I should of done; what I actually did was train a load of stuff I did not need before realising this idea and am now playing catch up with myself.

As a new player I been flying with a doctrine of flying what I can afford to lose while trying to kill high value targets which has been working out for me very well, lost around 11 ships that cost me near 50 million in total but been involved in 500 million worth of damage so in my eyes I am doing very well so far in my little Rifter.

but it is interesting to read how people measure them self against each other, using Skill Points, perceived skill or a doctrine and I suppose its each to his own really but I think I am going with a doctrine of low cost against high value targets as it seems more fun and less stressful.

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