Monday, 23 September 2013

Diablo 3 and the lost weekend

With Monsoon off at college learning how to kill me with overdoses and Bad dog still wrestling with understanding the idea of 'this is mine and that is your'.  The weekdays are often a blur of working and trying to get some free time to ourselves.

So when the opportunity comes to play a game together; it's not something I want to pass up.  Monsoon is not really in to Eve Online she likes it but finds it too unforgiving and though I like Rift it's too much like Wow and I am not ready to head back into that type of game at the moment, So our free time is normally spent playing on the computer together but in two different worlds.

And it can sometimes feel like this in real life too,  So when Monsoon said she has gotten back into Diablo 3 and would I like to level a new character with her I was updating the game client as fast as my ISP allowed and this is where we have spent most of the weekend.

For anyone who has not seen any of the Diablo series, it is made by Blizzard and is a dungeon crawling game.  It's very addictive and fun to play with friends.  It's just come out on Xbox/PS3 but the PC version has been out for a while and Blizzard confirm that there is no plans to give it controller support.

The no plans answer is normally what game companies give when there have really not thought about it and wish to leave the subject open enough so there can change their minds but final enough that people do not keep posting but when request on the forums.
I can understand why they have done this but it still would've been nice to be able to get my controller and kick back on the sofa while grouping up with Monsoon.

The game uses an Isometric view of a 3d world using a customer in-house physics engine that allows for destructible environments and supports multiple players using its service.

The game currently has 2 Auction Houses, one using ingame gold and the other using real world cash but there do not have long left to live as come March 2014 there will be getting removed, Though Blizzard like the idea of auction houses it goes against the nature of DIablo which is about running dungeons to get loot, so you can run dungeon.

There is also a new expansion coming 2014 called Reaper of Souls which looks very cool so I can see me and Monsoon losing some time in this as well.  it brings a new class called the Crusader and a 5th act to the storey evolving the Black Soulstone.

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