Saturday, 14 September 2013

CCP Open Negotiation over ToS Change and the Jita Monument looks on in fear

CCP yesterday opened talks over the recent change to their ToS for Eve-Online.  This recent changes to the Terms of Service has upset a lot of people (Link Here). 

What CCP call an exercise in making them clearer to understand has more appeared to be a step towards trying to make a more safer world for newer players and closes down a form of scamming that has been around for a while.

Now people who are not formally with Eve make think this is a good idea and in some ways it is but the big thing of Eve is that its a sandbox game where you can be the bad guy, it supports this idea and allows people to get ripped off as long as you play by the rules.

GM Karidor has cleared up a few things over in this post on the forums but the short of it is, Player A can not pretend to be Player B even if Player A is an alt of Player B and the same goes for corporations as well.

This closes down a simple con and the way CCP tell it is that it has always been the case yet has never really been enforced and you could say this was because no one know it was against the ToS as it was not clear enough and no one reported it happening and expected it as part of the game.

But that even being the case we have gone past the point where just changing the ToS is acceptable as it is now part of the game to falsely represent yourself to gain an advantage.

CCP may of made the game but its the players that make the game and there do seem to understand this as there are willing to listen and change the game based on what the player base says.

Though the Jita Monument undoubtedly feels nervous at this moment in time as it remembers what happened last time the player base was upset with CCP.

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