Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Baiban and Bad Dog MIA but still fighting the good fight

Baiban and Bad Dog are back after going MIA for a few months!

So the question on everyone lips is where the hell have I been. Actually the real question will more then likely be 'Who the hell are you and why am I reading your blog' but I digress.

I have been searching for an MMO for a while now that could hold my attention for longer then a week but been falling short every time. It's not that there aren't any good ones but after leaving WoW I been looking for something different and all the MMO of late all feel like WoW.

Which you can not blame them for, WoW has become the standard for MMO for a reason and love or hate it it's now the daddy of the genre.

So in a desert of WoW clones I turned to Eve Online for my life line once more. Been playing Eve on and off for years now and it's a game I love but never seem to understand or get that far in to before giving up and heading back to WoW in shame.

But this time I decided that will change and before handing my money over to CCP, I did some reading on what everyone was doing in game and liked the sound of faction warfare.

Which in short is a bit like Role Playing PvP. I will break Eve down more in another post but for now trust me it's more fun then it's sound.

So after handing my money over I headed out in to this new dark world to make a name for my self.

So far I have lost 11 ships, been conned out of 100 million isk, joined a fake corporation and got conned again, then joined a FW corporation and been loving ever minute of it so far.

And this is where I have been since my last post. Reading and fighting in Eve.

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