Friday, 7 June 2013

GTA vs Saints Row.... or Where is my money going next!

With the new GTA due out in September and Saints Row out in August this year, It's looking like its going to be a heavy two months of open world sandboxing joy!

Been a fan of the GTA series from the beginning when it started out as a top down car stealing rocket launching way to spend your free time and enjoyed the series all the way up to number 3, but GTA 4 put me off a little as it seemed to be trying to make feel guilty about everything I was doing as ' Niko Bellic' gets involved with the wrong people when he comes to America chasing the dream.

Which is fine in itself as the developers are trying to build a dark and gritty storyline of how pursuing the American Dream can go very wrong and turn you into a someone you never wished to be.

But it does half get in the way of enjoying mass chaos and destruction in open world filled with lots of ways to infect mass destruction it seems to be at odds with itself.

So I went looking for something new and with Saints Row 2 on sale for Xbox 360, I thought what the hell and it reminded me of GTA 3, it had a story but it did not get in the way of all the killing.

Now whereas GTA seems to be heading for a serious hard impacting drama in its sandbox, Saints Row story seems to be heading the other way but giving you more weapons and vehicles to enjoy the carnage with and this is what I am looking for in a sandbox game, give me flimsy story and jetbike with shark firing lasers attached to it any day.

Saints Row from 3 upwards is just fun gameplay with just enough story to give you a reason to play with all the cool toys and this can be very relaxing and a real change from the realistic dark worlds the other developers are bringing to the table at the moment that leave you depressed and wondering what is wrong with humanity.

I will more than likely end up buying both but I have a feeling I will be enjoying Saints Row IV the most and it will keep me coming back.

Now this is not to say that GTA V will not be a very good game but I think me and Rockstar Games just want different things out of a sandbox 'do as you please game'.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Gunpoint..... Smashing though windows has never been more fun

Gunpoint is a stealth-based 2-D puzzle platform game made by 'Tom Francis'.  I normally keep away from indie games as finding a good one can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

But Gunpoint took my interest as its been getting some good chatter on the web, so I started giving it some notice and liked the sound of it enough to actually give it a go.

Each level / mission is set in a 2D platform of an office building with traps and security guards patrolling the area and you have to get around them all and complete the objective, which is down to yourself on how you do this, you could take the stealth route or you could go on a killing spree and kill them all there is no wrong answer on how to complete the level, There is no health system or lives, you get shot your dead though the game does have a good save system so you can roll back to the last few seconds and try and correct your mistake and failing that restart the mission.

You start with one ability which to be able to jump long distances using a 'Bullfrog' jacket and from there you can buy new ones with cash earned from doing the missions and also earn upgrade points to upgrade your jumping ability.

I am still playing this so can not say how the game fairs long term but so far the puzzle are fun and interesting and short enough to not become boring and the game doesn't take itself too seriously so the mission briefing themselves bring a smile with some of the responses you can make and its just plain fun to lead a guard to an automatic door and smack him in the face with it or electrocute them with a plug socket.

The art style reminds me of 'Another world' or 'Flashback' which where 2D platform games from the 90's and gives me a nostalgic feeling while still being new and fun to explore.

Its currently on Steam for £6.29 and if you fancy yourself as a master spy then I would recommend you give this ago.