Thursday, 23 May 2013

Xbox one, the Xbox to rule them all

The Xbox has now been relieved and its been giving the name 'Xbox one' or the 'Xbox huh?'

Its due out this year, rumors are November for the UK and will include a Blu-ray Disc, 8GB of DDR3 with 5 GB available to games themselves and will be able to do 1080p and 4K display with 7.1 surround sound.

The local storage will be a 500GB hard drive and support external USB 3 drive.

This is a marked step up from the 360 but the actual nuts of bolts of the new Xbox live system start to wear some of the shine from all this gloss.

There is more flying around about the second hand game issue and leading a game to your mate actually costing them money but Microsoft support confirmed on twitter that this was not the case but this means nothing until the unit is released as Microsoft have changed their minds before.

The console will require an internet connection but will not need a permanent one as it will only need to call home every 24 hours,  the other things is that it will always be on, downloading, updating and waiting for your voice command to turn it on.

Nothing really grabbed me and made me say yes I will be buying one, going to wait and see what Sony brings with its Playstation 4 and make my mind up again on which one i will be gaming on.


  1. I wonder what the RRP will be and will it play the games from a 360? No doubt my son will want one as his xbox 360 is quite full

  2. Unfortunately it sounds like its not going to be backward Compatible with the 360, so non of the games will work or the equipment and from first look it will cost around £400