Friday, 10 May 2013

Xbox 720 / Infinity Rumours

The Next Gen Xbox which will hopefully be demoed at E3 this year will be having an Announcement Event on the 21st of May 2013 10am PDT.

The rumors are its going to be called infinity but the logo you see on the right is more than likely a fake made by a Reddit user, but is damn good and I hope it resembles something of the real thing.  The other names that have been branded around are Xbox, Xbox 720 and Xbox 8 due to it using the Windows 8 OS.

Microsoft also has showed off a cool idea called 'Illumiroom' which uses the kinect and a projector to make the image on the screen flow over the edges and on to the room itself, so we can expect hopefully some more equipment to plug in the new unit to go with our Kinect 2 which so far there has really not been much news on but I am hoping they put the HD camera back in to it.

The unit is said to also have true Multi-Tasking which means that it will allow you to pause the current game and open an app, say like facebook and check your status then pick up right where you left off in the game.  The games themselves will require installing on to the unit but will install while playing so you will not have to wait, if this is true I will be interested to see how they handle the loading times.

Sony is said to be in talks with Microsoft and aiming heavily on free to play on the next gen, this could mean a Planetside 2 link for Xbox, they did miss the ship with Dust 514 and this may be them trying to make good if there do.

Until the 21st everything we hear is open to interpretations but Playstation 4 will have to do something big to take my eye off Microsofts next console. 

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