Monday, 27 May 2013

WildStar a new MMO and soon the reason why I sleep at work

WildStar is currently in Beta and is being developed by Carbine Studios and is being published by NCsoft and will be using a custom in-house engine.

The game is an MMO which I have a love hate relationship with at the moment, since leaving World of Warcraft I have not been able to find an MMO that holds my attention as it once did and I just seem to drift from MMO to MMO.

I came across this a few weeks back but never paid it any real attention, until this weekend when I watched the paths youtube video and I decided to give it a real look.

The main thing that got my attention was that it seems to have a sense of humor which most MMO those days seem to be lacking everything is all dramatic and realistic which is great if you're playing a single player game but can drag a little on an MMO.

The Class system has an interesting twist as well where you get to choose your playing style and then with paths you get to choose what parts of an MMO you enjoy playing (e.g Killing, exploring or learning the lore) and you get given access to extras to complement this.

The more I read about it the more interested I become to the point where I think i may be able to love again and get in to another MMO.

Safe to say I have put myself down for Beta access and will be keeping an eye on this one.

And if you are looking for an MMO with a sense of humor and epic battles to be enjoyed then I would suggest you keep an eye on this too.

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