Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Tips of dealing with Password overload!

These days you need a password for everything, I am half expecting to get home one day and my front door will ask me for one.

And the passwords have to be complex and contain a number and a capital, ideally no less than 8 characters long and not used on any other website or online games.

Now this is ok for say 5 to 10 sites but what happens when you start using more websites that need logins and playing online games which also require logins you can run in to 20+ passwords easy, this can lead to people getting fed up and just setting one password for everything or writing the passwords down in an excel sheet or on paper which can backfire and lead to you losing your internet identity very quickly and access to your bank accounts if you use online banking.

Sophos has a good article about how to choose a strong password and I have included the video here as well for ease of viewing.

They give some good tips on making stronger passwords by using passphrases instead and taking the first letter of each word in the phrase and adding numbers to it until we get something that looks like you have rolled your face on the keyboard.

So now that you are using your new face rolled passwords it still doesn't resolve the issue of trying to remember them all which is where this application comes in.

Keepass is password storage database that allows you to store and manage your mountain of passwords in to a secure database and its completely free though if you do find it useful a donation would not be unwelcomed to help support them.

Now its never recommended to store your passwords anywhere but if you have to store them somewhere then an encrypted database program is better than anywhere else and allows you to use a different password on each site or game.


  1. Interesting read. I'm quite weary of any 3rd party method of storing passwords such as the keypass one. Probably just paranoia though

  2. I know what you mean m8, but with the amount of passwords we need to keep those its better then a notebook or excel sheet :)

    1. I'm quite lucky having a sharp memory, i've got some right combinations.
      Might be worth pointing out not to have kids or pets names as passwords - way too easy to guess

    2. my memory sucks, waiting until i can attach a HDD to help it

  3. I probably use maybe three passwords - one unsecure one and two secure ones - and depending on what I'm accessing affects which one I use.

    But I had to choose a different password for my Hotmail and now I can't get in! Lucky I only use that account for spam anyway.