Sunday, 26 May 2013

Microsoft would appreciate it if you stopped all the rumours.....

And played nice until there are ready to tell us how the second gaming is going to work.

Marjor Nelson who is the director of programming for Xbox live is said to be displeased with all the reports and misinformation flying about how Xbox one will handle second hand gaming.

Well there is one way to fix this very easily, actually tell us and stop it all dead, but that is not going to happen so we are all left wondering and guessing what will happen until we get the official announcement.

Some of the rumours are as follows:

  • Each game could cost you £35 for an activation fee on top of what the store charges you to buy it
  • The store gets charged the activation fee which could be as high as 90% of the original fee.
  • Microsoft takes a cut from the reselling of games and you can only sell them to authorized resellers.
  •  As each game is tied in to your account you can take around to a friends house and play it as long as you sign in with your account.
And the best rumor I have heard so far is that when renting a movie on the Xbox the Kinect will count how many people are watching it to see if you are breaking the T&Cs.

From all the rumors apart from the Kinect one which is just off the wall, you can find some grain of truth.

By the sound of it, there is going to be a activation fee but as to how this will work is unknown.  it would make sense that the store pays this and passes the cost on to the customers so that all you have to do is take the game home and play but as to how this will affect prices is unknown at the moment.

Each game is locked to your account, so you can take it around to your mates house and play the game as long as you log in with your Xbox account,  no word on how borrowing a game will work or if it will at all.

But until Microsoft gets off the fence and actually tells us everything is up in the air.

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