Friday, 3 May 2013

Metro: Last Light and Steam's 10% off for Metro 2033 owners

I missed the boat with with 'Metro 2033' but from all accounts it did very well and looked very well done at the time, I have it in my to play pile on Steam so will get round to it one weekend, actually may give it a run this weekend. Monsoon has designs on me cleaning the shed but I may have to change them!!

Metro: LL is being developed by 4A Games and is going to run on the 4A engine. but is being published by Deep Silver instead of THQ as the previous game had as there are now disbanded due to them going bankrupt and losing the farm.  The last Metro single player element got very good reviews on story alone but the engine did not fare as well with issues with the animation, AI and general FPS of the game marking it down in most reviews but most of the reviews did draw attention to the fact that despite those issues 4A Games were able to make a very deep and rich atmosphere with great attention to detail.

Having not playing the game myself I can not say what the last game was like but with the new one I am hoping that they were able to resolve the issues that the critics commented about.

The game is set in 2034 and follows Artyom from the original trying to make sense of the chaos around him as the survivors from the nuclear war in 2013 are on the verge of a civil war, which could spell the end of humanity.

The trailers and news cast about Metro: LL has intrigued me enough to actually part with my money and give it a go and Steam has 10% off if you own the first game on Steam and if you preorder you get the limited edition free as well, so I am getting while the gettin's good.

Game will be released on the 17th of May 2013.

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