Thursday, 16 May 2013

Google I/O 2013: word from the chocolate factory.

Its only recently that I started taking notice of Google and its gadgets but since getting the Nexus 7 I have found that I have been missing out and started to take notice.

Google always worried me about all the data it was collecting about me and my internet habits and activities,  but the way it gives you access back to this information and shows you what it is collecting has eased my concerns enough to sit up and listen to what they actually have to saying and looking at their devices again.

Recently they had their Google I/O event and from reading over the event and what it brought some of the things stand out to me.

The first is that Google are going to be adding a Game Center to the android platform, allowing Achievements and Multiplayer. Developers already have access to it but there is no word on when we will see it being rolled out.

Google is also taking aim at Xbox Music pass and the spotify subscription service with its own music streaming service priced at $9.99 a month no word on the UK price but it will more than likely be around £10.

Google Now will also be getting voice reminders to allow it to give you reminders of upcoming appointments and the last thing is that soon Google play will be soon offering a stock version of the Galaxy S4 with no Samsung Bloatware.

I am interested to see what the game developers make of the gaming center with multiplayer experiences and synced saves across devices.  

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