Monday, 15 April 2013

X-com Shooter by 2k Xcom no more

It seems the Xcom First Person Shooter was destined for trouble since day one passing from developer to developer until it reached 2K Marin but still it was plagued with push backs and changed release dates and now all their trailers have been pulled and the website has been taken off-line does this mean the end for the 1962 Alien busting Man in Black Shooter or is it going to return under a different name.

The rumours are that it may be being rebranded as ‘The Bureau’, the has more information on this as does Game Spot UK.

I hope it does as though a first person shooter based of Xcom was not met with positive comments, the ideas and the trailers were very interesting and it would be a shame not to see the outcome of all the years of work, maybe redone as a prequel set in the Xcom universe may sit better with everyone.

The other rumour is that its now turned in to a third person shooter with strategy elements mixed in, so may be there is still hope for this MiB game to see the light of day, we can only wait and see.

The Truth is out there.


  1. X-Com: Enemy Unknown is still one of my favourite games despite being ancient! I find it interesting how certain games, like this, and another I'd say would be TIE Fighter, don't seem to have equivalents in the current choice of games today, while others, such as Doom, have obviously been taken forward into the Call of Duties of today.

  2. Never played the old one that much but the new reboot by Firaxis Games I played a lot