Saturday, 13 April 2013

Whats yours is mine

Watched the trailer for the reboot of Thief this morning and looking forward to this, as I never played the first Thief back in 1998 and I think if I do now I will not get the same experience being spoilt by modem day graphics, as I have, but all the reviews say it was one of the best games of its year, and I have regretted not playing it ever since.

Its being developed by Eidos Montreal who also did Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

The first Thief was one of the first games, if not the first to use light and shadows as a stealth mechanic with audio added in to the mix (your footsteps could give you away).

its being considered the defining game in all following stealth games and this is something I wished to have had experienced when it was fresh and new.

So for the reboot of Thief I have high hopes and expectations going in from the get go.

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