Sunday, 14 April 2013

Watch Dogs... whose watching the watchers

Who watches the watchers ,watching what the watchers watch.

While waiting for Thief to be finished so I can relive 1998 there is another game I am anticipating called ‘Watch Dogs’

It’s going to be a Third Person prospective sandbox game where you play as Aiden Pearce (voiced by Noam Jenkins from ‘Rookie Blue’), a hacker who uses his skills to access the city’s network for his own ends.

When I first heard this I thought what a waste of an open world, surely the game would mostly taken part in a darkened room with no natural light where your only human interaction is in IRC and the pizza guy who you now know on a first name basis.

After watching the trailer though I realized that the game was not a reflection on my real life but on what my imagination believes my real life is like and it got very cool very quickly.

I am looking forward to seeing how this evolves and hoping for a game where my actions can have reaching consequences, where i can say ’shoot a random guy in the street, this makes the police and an ambulance race to the scene but I hack the traffic lights , turning them all green and then I can sit back outside in a small cafe drinking a coffee watching the ensuing chaos doing my best evil laughter impersonation while hacking the police database and pinning it on the mayor’.  That may be hoping for too much but I can dream.

In the trailers we saw the hacking ability being used was to get money from ATM’s, making devices malfunction to distract others and changing the traffic lights to cause collisions but I am expecting more to be released when the game comes out as the hacking mechanic is being pushed as the main selling point .

There is going to be a multiplayer element to the game as well and from what I read it sounds like it may play out a little like ‘Demon Souls’  where you invade the single player experience and try to mess it up or help.

Sebastien Viard has confirmed that a custom game engine has been developed called Disrupt to support all the features in Watch Dogs, and is due out fall of this year

The developers are Ubisoft Montreal which are also responsible for the likes of Farcry 3, Tom Clancy's series and the Assassin Creed series too, so a lot of good history to build off.

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  1. I'm looking forward to this bud looks rather good :)