Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Evil Within a new Game or the state of my mind

The Evil Within is a new game being developed by Tengo Gamesworks and being published by Bethesda Softworks.

 Its going to be a Third Person Survival Horror game and Shinji Mikami is listed as the director who is famous for Resident Evil which came out in 1996 (Spent so many hours playing this game).

The storyline follows detective Sebastian who rushes to the scene of a gruesome mass murder only to be knocked out and finds himself in a strange location with creatures who have designs on making his insides his outsides.

The key feature I am looking forward to the the most is the return to pure survival horror game play,  where you have limited resources and you are left to try and fend for yourself which seems to be missing in most horror games I have played recently.

IGN has a good article about it and explains some more about the ideas behind it. its due out in 2014.

Need a new sofa to hide behind now!

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