Friday, 26 April 2013

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Announced by 2k...its back and this time its third person.

2K First Person shooter based on Xcom set  in the 1960s is back and has gone through some major changes.

Its now a third person tactical squad based shooter.  Morgan Gray has commented to says that the games play style is going to be more of a team effort then a Rambo one man army.  This always sounds cool on paper but I have not seen any partner AI that actually felt like they were contributing in any way and acted more like a weight around my neck until they got to some scripted event.

I hear the newer Bioshock has changed this and there partner AI is actually useful but I am reserving judgment until giving it a once over myself.

You play as an agent William Carter who gets recruited into the 'The Bureau' and soon finds himself leading a team to defend the United States against aliens.

The game will be heavily focused on tactics and includes a new interface to facilitate this called 'Battle Focus' where you will be able move the other agents around and target prioritise while the bullets are flying.

Its due for release in August this year and if you pre-order from certain suppliers  you can get an extra mission called 'Codebreakers'.

Its going to be purely single player and story focused which gives me high expectations for this game from the on set.

I am glad the game is back as 2K had managed to create something that looked interesting and different based in an established story and in a market filled with multiplayer chest high wall shooters with little or no story is something to be encouraged. 

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