Thursday, 25 April 2013

Star Trek The Video Game (2013) or William Shatner made me do it

As soon as I watched this Youtube video I went and ordered the game on steam and its currently pre-loading as we speak ready for Friday.

I will be streaming the game so if you check back on Friday you will be able to see some live game play after 8pm UK time.

The game is being developed by Digital Extremes who co developed Unreal with Epic Games and will be running the Evolution Engine.

The game will be a third person shooter and will be centered around captain Kirk's first encounter with the Gorn race which are humanoid reptiles in the alternate reality that was created by Nero in the 2009 film.

It will also feature a co-op mode where another player can join in and play as Spock, both characters will have different play styles with Kirk taking the guns and action route and Spock taking the stealth and calmer play style.

The actually story the game trailer shows looks to be very interesting and seems to be about the Vulcans trying to rebuild their homeworld after the events of the 2009 film when the Gorn attack and steal the technology they were researching to help them accomplish that goal.

Looking forward to Friday and getting the energy drink ready!


  1. Sounds cool man, I'm out unfortunately otherwise would be watching. Glad it's with the real Kirk and not the new one - I have a massive issue with the destruction of Vulcan in the new film series (but I'll stop there before I rant!)

  2. Its with the new Kirk i am afraid m8