Friday, 19 April 2013

Getting Windows 8 to Feel like Windows 7 or Give me that old-time religion

With the new Metro interface in Windows 8 can be tricky but with some changes to the different areas of the Operating System and some of the applications we can get a Windows 7 feel back in to Windows 8.

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Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer was the biggest bug bear for me when I upgraded.

It should decide when to open in Metro or the Desktop automatically but most of the time it seems to just default to Metro.

to change this you need to access the 'Internet Options'.

The quickest way to do this I have found is to press the Windows Key and just type 'Internet Options' this should bring up the search bar on the right of the Metro screen and its the Settings button just below the test box.

From there you can then go to the Programs tab and the very top option is a drop down box that allows you to change the way Internet Explorer opens and set it to  'Always in Internet Explorer on the Desktop' and this should force Internet Explorer to always start on the desktop.

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The next thing is to get your images opening again on the desktop which can be done by opening 'Default Programs' by again pressing the Windows Key and just typing 'Default Program' and going to the Settings option just before the text box in the top right.

Once the 'Default Program' window is open you will need to select 'Set Default Programs' which will give you options like the one on the right.

Scroll down to the bottom until you see 'Windows Photo Viewer' and select this and press 'Set this program as default' as this should get your images opening on the Desktop once more.

Random Programs
PDFs are another thing that opens in Metro screen this can be changed by downloading Adobe Reader and having this set as the default for PDFs,  I would be careful on the adobe website though as it tries to trick you in to install the McAfee AV.

One last point about videos and I think this should be a must for any Windows computer, VLC Player will allow you to play any video file, I don't not think I have found a video format it will not play.

Now that will give you a little more of a Windows 7 feel back to the newer Windows but there is one more thing you can do and that is put the start button back to the desktop with Start8, it is a paid for app but its one of the best I have seen so far.

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