Saturday, 27 April 2013

Free to Play game called Loadout... or kill them your way

Loadout is a new game still in beta that is being developed by 'Edge of Reality' who have worked on many games ported to console, this will be one of their first PC titles and is a free-to-play multiplayer style third person shooter where you can craft your own guns and dress your character in any way you wish.

The game is aimed at allowing the player to express themselves in their weapons, character and outfit.  giving each kill that personal touch.

The style of the game is over the top violence (reminds me of Tom and Jerry, If it was made into an adults cartoon) in a multiplayer arena layout. Currently put my name down for beta and still awaiting the chance to play this so I can not comment on the feel of the gameplay but everything I have seen so far seems to point to a fun experience that is not bogged down with a storyline, realistic physics, chest high walls or the colour gray/brown and is worth watching until its open for business and as its free to play well worth giving it a go for your self.

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