Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Free to Play Diablo 2 style game

Path of Exile has been in open beta now since January 2013 and is being developed by Grinding Gear Games on a custom in-house engine.

The game follows the same play style as Diablo 2 and follows the free to play with micro transactions as their business model but the website does state the game will be 100% free and not pay to win with only cosmetic changes and social pets being available on the market.

Monsoon got me into Diablo 2 when we first met but even back then the graphics were dated by the time I started playing it so it was a hard sell even though it was fun, the low res made it unplayable for me,  if its less than 720 I do not want to know these days.

Then when I heard of PoE and the endless killing in random dungeons fun was brought back into my life in HD, If you enjoyed D2 back in the day then you should give this game ago its not a straight up clone and there have evolved the play style and added their own flair and made the game there own.

There are 6 character classes to choose from ranging from magic to ranged and all the melee classes as well but from there you get to mix and match your abilities as your usable skills are given to you in gems which you attach to your armour in the corresponding colour coded sockets which means you could have a melee class with range spells and abilities as a fallback or even magic, all you have to do is socket the corresponding gems.

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The passive skills available total 1350 and are designed as a complex network where depending on your class, changes the starting point within the network.  This does allow for a sense of freedom and customization when it comes to playing your character and the armour seems varied enough to support this as well

The game is a multi player experience when you're in the safe area which gives a sense of life to the area but when you enter the zones it feels more of a single player experience in a randomly generated level unless you are grouped with other players and then the enemies become harder and more challenging, so you can play even when you're not up to being social but you will still require an internet connection.  

As its free I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Diablo series and anyone in general to give it a go as you have nothing to lose.

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