Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Defiance A new Game, A New TV Show or a mild upset

The new TV show by Syfy will be airing tonight at 9 pm in the UK and the game with the same name sake, which has been out of since the 2nd of this month has met with a lukewarm response by the critics and some of the webpages I hang around on, who had beta access. They commented on its averageness, so before given this game ago I am waiting for the TV show to air and seeing if the TV show can increase my enthusiasm for the game.

As Tim Buckley over at 'Ctrl+Alt+Del' commented, if Battlestar Galactica had made a MMO that tied in with the show and vice verse I too would be playing that game.

So depending on how it goes tonight I will be either spending my weekend playing 'Defiance' or the new Bioshock.

The game its self is being developed by Trion Worlds the makers of Rift which was a good MMO but too much like World of Warcraft for my liking and I was just coming down from my wow addiction at the time and did not want to start all that up again.

So there is light but it never normally ends well when a TV / Film company gets evolved with making of a Video game AKA all the Matrix games spring to mind.

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