Sunday, 21 April 2013

Defiance and the Orange Challenger of our dreams

Been playing Defiance all weekend with Kerry so, I have been out of touch with much of the news since Friday.

But after reading about the Orange Challenger you can get in-game to ferry you and a friend around, Kerry and I knew this was the priority for the weekend.

The first thing you will need to do is save up 15,500 in-game currency which is called 'Scrip' and then the rest is easy, just have to kill some 99ers and buy the car.

From reading and watching some youtube videos the word was the 99ers were going to put up a big fight but we found the fighting to be ok.  not sure if thats due to way we fight together and the weapons we use (I go range while Kes uses a LMG to lay down covering fire) or if because we are we're use to the tactics of fighting the 99ers (basically dodge the big balls of fire flying your way) from a random road block we had found on Saturday.

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Once you have the money you will need to head to the vendor which is located near a lake, it sometimes shows on the map as a 'Supplies Vendor' which for the most part he is apart from Orange vehicles he has in stock.

Its just left of the bar called 'The Crater',  if you click the image on the left, its targeted so you can see it more clearly. 

Also included a video of me and Kes getting the car so you guys can see what the fight is like for yourselves.

And yes this now means I am Kes's chauffeur but that also means she is free to make coffee!

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