Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Weekend spent in Defiance

So me and Kerry watched the TV Show last week and it was not bad at all, reminded me of 'Terra nova' and 'Farscape', both of which I enjoyed.

It's too soon to say if the show is going to be a cult hit or even a hit at all at the moment but it's interested us enough to watch the next few episodes and give the game a go as well, as I mentioned in the last blog about the game it's a 3rd person shooter type MMO made by the makers of Rift 'Trion Worlds'.

Let me start this review by saying that Kerry is not a lover of shooting games, first or third person so to get her to try this out was still an uphill struggle from the outset until I showed her the character creation tools that is, from then she was busy designing the alien rock chick she knows she is.

The character creation allows you to choose from 2 races Human and Irathient but the rumours are that the DLC will add more later with both sexes playable, from there you can customize your face and hair to a good degree but not your build so there will be no fat Ark Hunters in this post apocalyptic world (Maybe its like Zombieland and they were the first to go).

Once you are born into this world it goes downhill quite quickly and you get your first meeting of Joshua Nolan and his adopted daughter Irisa Nyira from the TV Show.

The game can be played with the standard Keyboard and Mouse but also with an Xbox controller which is a good thing as i do enjoy the controller over the keyboard these days, one word of warning though if you are going to be doing PvP I would recommend you use the keyboard and mouse setup as you should find it easier to hold your own but not had any issues with the PvE content.

As the game was designed for both PC and consoles alike the controller setup is well laid out and does not feel forced or tacked on like other games I have tried.

Once you have done the starting area you can start to team up with others, so after convincing Kerry to give it a go we joined forces her with an LMG and me with a sniper rifle.  There are no set classes in this game only starting equipment, everyone can do and use everything so if you can find it you can use it and skills with the weapons progress the more you use them.

One of enjoyable mechanics are the Ark falls which come in 2 flavours major and minor and they seem to operate on organised chaos, everyone taking part has a rough idea of what to do and everything just flows along until you have killed it.  This means no more waiting to try and get a group to go kill the big boss you just turn up and join in, this does take away from the social side of the game but we are too busy dodging green acid to notice.

Very early on in the game you are given a vehicle to get around on and you will use it alot (you can also run things over as well which makes for a good laugh) you can also buy other vehicles makes and models and some carry 2 people as well which is good if you're teaming up with someone, Me and Kerry went for the Orange Challenger.

There is no crafting at the moment or a player driven market though you can trade with other people and the actual chat function of the game seems stunted and no one actually seems to be talking to anyone.

The game feels more like a single player RPG instead of an MMO at times and there are some issues and oddities ingame but they are workable and forgivable as no game has a smooth launch these days (Take a look at Simcity), The main thing is  Kerry and me are finding it deeply enjoyable and that's what matters.

Nathan Richardsson the Executive Producer of Defiance has posted to comment on the outlining issues with the game on all the platforms and says that all the DLC aside the game is constantly being worked on and patched and evolved.

Just a note from me (Kerry) - considering I don't like shooters.... I absolutely love shooting stuff in this game!

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