Sunday, 28 April 2013

A weekend on the Enterprise or Star Trek (2013) or Me and Kes want and played Defiance instead

The Star Trek 2013 game came out Friday and I was all set for a weekend in the Trek universe with epic laser battles and showing aliens this human thing we call kissing as I shot up the place as the timeless Captain Kirk.

I mentioned in my Defiance blog that I always worry about TV / Movie game tie ins as the game is always lacking and seems to be raiding the success of the namesake.

But surely a Star Trek reboot game would be different.

I got ready to start picking over the bones of the game from the AI to the soulless eyes of the characters and even some of the audio seems to be rushed and half done but this is not why I started this blog,  I started it as I have a love of Games and the stories they tell so to start picking the faults would go against my main aim, I also think silence over something speaks more than actually picking fault with it.

So my review of Star Trek is as follows,  the story is interesting,  spend your money on something else, with hindsight I would of.

May I suggest Defiance if you are looking for a Sci fi fix in a Third person shooter.  Don't get me wrong Defiance has its issues but I feel like there is more love put in that game then this one or if you're looking to get of the grid 'Deus Ex: Human Revolution' was always a favorite of mine.

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