Monday, 15 April 2013

A weekend being Dishonored

Dishonored came out October 2012 so it’s a bit of a late mention, Started playing it the day it came out but something else got my attention so never gave it a fair chance.

It was published by Bethesda Software who also publish “The Elder Scrolls” series (Skyrim is also on my to do list and will be coming back to this one) and 2 of its developers were also involved in the first Deus Ex which I loved so my expectations where high going in.

Never really got that far in to the game the first time around so I am starting from fresh.

I was surprised how much like Deus Ex it plays out like, to be honest but if the mechanic is not broken re-use it I suppose and it is fun to try and take out as many guards as possible without alerting any one.

On the first level where you have to take out Overseer Campbell, I went for the non-lethal take down as opposed to the straight forward knife in the back.

Had to follow him all the way to the ground floor and then carry him all the way back up to the interrogation room.

It was simple though as i had knocked out all the guards in the building before hand so could move freely around

The leveling is simple enough; you collect runes to spend on magic upgrades and money on your items and weapons, both of which you find on each level spread around the area.

Each mission is self-contained and contains multiple ways to accomplish each goal, which can lead to interesting moments in the game where your best laid plans crumble and you're left with no option but to run and gun it unless you have a good save to reload from.  at the end of each level you get given chaos rating which is the games karma system and can effect the end out come of the game and the next level.

I would suggest you save often as there is nothing worst then carrying an unconscious body or corpse around to a hiding spot to only find that you missed a guard which brings me to an issue I have with the corpses, you can not throw them at people, I got busted trying to hide a unconscious body and my first thought was to throw body at the guard to give me extra time to get my sword out but the body just sailed through the guard and left me wondering on the metaphysical state of the people I killed or knocked out while the guard made friends with my spleen which takes me back to my first point; save often.

There was something else that happened that that I found to be a good quirk in the game, in the same level you are given the choice to protect someone that the overseer is trying to kill, so my first thought was knock the guy out and carry him somewhere safe, it was going well until I reached some stairs and saw a guard, so placing the guy on the floor I ran to deal with obstacle that was in my way when it popped up and said my protection mission was failed it was then i span around to see my protectee gracefully bouncing down the stairs, lucky I had a save so a quick reload later and with stair safety still fresh in my mind careful navigated around the stairs and remaining guards to place my protectee in the safe location.

Though this was frustrating it was also different and gave rise to a random event which was not expected and gives you a what the? moment and it can be these that people remember the most and gives you a favorable memory of a game.

I am finding the game enjoyable, the artwork is very memorable, think steam-punk meets oppressive regime and makes for a nice break from the realistic modern chest high gray walled first person shooters we seem to be fed of late.

The Story is interesting enough to keep me playing but is a standard quest for justice for the wrongly accused man and the karma mechanic also allows for good intentions with a negative out come.

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